Sunday, March 5, 2017

Obsidian Stargazer

Capricorn with Moon in Scorpio seeks out emotional intensity. 
Lunar Scorpios can see beyond facades and cut right to the core of a person. 
Their intuition is enormous and they tend to be highly astute. 
This ability to "see" what isn't obvious can be intimidating or wildly attractive. 
Most have powerful, emotionally intense lives. 
They seek out commitment, and feel the need for a lover to give up something for them. 
Some will put the people they love through a series of tests, and these are not always conscious. 
However, once committed, they can be the most loyal and protective of partners. 
Even the shy ones have enormous presence. 
They spend a lot of time mastering their emotions. 
They radiate strength, even in the absence of experience; they seem to "just know". 
Some people instinctively want to lean on them, and other less brave folk run a little scared. 
They have exceptional "radar" that allows them to size up a situation quickly and expertly. 
This ability to understand human motivation and nature can be too close for comfort for some. 
Those that use their enormous powers for intimacy and honesty are the happiest, 
and make the most interesting and rewarding friends and lovers.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Tree of Life

Eternal Love

Love is a river flowing from up high
never traveling in a straight line
crossing over rock and trees
it moves in a direction that no one can control

it can't be blocked or dammed
nothing on earth can stop how it flows
it travels on and on

you can wade in if it travels easy
but, when it rushes down
you can drown

how do you swim in the river of love
how do you stay above
how do you not drown

is the secret to stay away so high
far from the river
up in the clouds in the sky 

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Ode to Remix

Remember when you made mixed CDs for that special someone, is a blog version, lol

"The smile on your face lets me know that you need me
There's a truth in your eyes sayin' you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand says you'll catch me if ever I fall
You say it best when you say nothing at all"

"Look into my eyes, you will see
What you mean to me"

"Wish I could make you believe
In all that you are you don't have to be
Everything to everyone
Everybody's number one
Cause baby you're everything to me"

"The time is right, you hold me tight
And love's got me high
Please tell me, 'Yes' and don't say, 'No'
Honey, not tonight"

"Now, that I'm here, no more tears
Come here, come here
And you won't find, things
That broke your heart
And blew your mind
Not here, no, not here"

And I... will always love you, ooh

Will always love you”

How many songs were you able to recognize?

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fading Hope

My Elusive Lover

Battle Soulmates

In a land of blue skies and open plains
Senseless violence is never in reign

Battles are fought by the just and the true
Enemy and foes, a more tangible hue

A prince... a king... a knave, a knight
A lady... a queen... a warrior bright

Two different souls... yet one in life
A man, a woman, a husband and wife

Love and honor held high above all
One needing the other or the other would fall

Brothers in combat, back to back
Lovers in bed, entwined without lack

Born of different lands, cultures and sights
Bound together by magic, faith, and rites

Overcoming obstacles of time and space
Halves of the same soul bound in place

Have no fear for a time shall come
When the two shall meet and become as one

And from their union greatness will follow
Leading many to glory by all that is hallow


the first poem i ever wrote

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Eternal March

step by step...
I continue my march
don't remember where I began
don't remember where I am headed
I step on...
every step brings agonizing pain
my feet...bare and bleeding
yet...cannot stop the next step I take
the dusty horizon in front of me
I step on...
one after another
the sun bears down on me
heat driving me down
I thirst...but is it water I crave
I step on...
must not stop... they depend on me
I keep stepping
visions of my love
I step on...
brush of wind cooling me
breeze of vulture wings
circling above 
patiently waiting
i step on...
cannot stop they need me
must not fail them
I step on..

Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Search

into the shaded darkness...
I wander deeper into an unyielding forest
the harder I search...the more entangled I become
in a world far from what I once knew  

my steps quiet...
not wanting to disturb the melody of life
in the deeper reaches of the forest lies an open glade
exhausted and trembling...I fall upon an ivy covered log 
my senses opening to that which is around me

noise begins to chorus back to normal 
the brush of wind caressing the majestic guardians
whistling through branches...leaves softly cascade onto the forest floor
birds pick up on the melody, harmonizing to life ebbing away

breathing deeply...
drinking in the heavy mead of life around me
the heady scent of pine... flavored with touches of dated lavender
moss and peat... wet from an earlier rainfall
a lingering taste of ozone 

eyes tearing...
I see life slowly circling towards it restful sleep
Autumn oranges and reds covering the forest floor
a snowfall of embers, bright vibrant colors shouting in death 
"I will emblazon the world...death will not be done quietly"

wetting my lips....
I taste the saltiness of my tears
yet, longing for the sweetness of what life was
instead... it is the bitterness of decay that swirls around my mouth
likened to an over-ripened fruit that has long seen its day 

skin prickles...
feeling the chill of an early evening shadow 
slowly the eternal night shifts towards this haven
crawling into the deepness of this once protected warm shelter
bones feeling the harsh grip of winter's hold

darkness enfolding the setting light
deafening silence replaces life's eternal music
the sense of tiredness overburdens my shoulders
sleep awaits...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Journey

shed me not a tear
for I now travel on a journey
one... that is new to me
with sights and sounds I've never known

shed me not a tear
for I will meet new people
and gain new experiences
even my troubles will be eye opening

shed me not a tear
for even if you are not with me
I will always carry a part of you...
as a part of me, will always be with you

shed me not a tear...
my lost love

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cernunnos Love Letter

I found this scrolling around
If Cernunnos wrote love letters, it would possibly go something like this:

“You have given yourself to me…
Fully… You surrendered… You’re mine!
Your heart belongs to me, your soul,
Your body, your breath, your everything! Mine!
And you will run with me,
Scream with me, and rut with me,
Tremble in terror and desire of me,
Dance that wild, frenzied dance with me,
Journey to the dark, dank depths with me.
And you will know sheer ecstasy, utter agony,
And the intoxicating thrill of the hunt.
And we will meet at the Crossroads together, as we always have.
We will wander far and wide, with a fire raging in your head.
And I will show you the way on those crooked and hidden paths
I will tell you things no other could
I will take you to places unknown, and unseen
I will teach you. Guide you. Push you. Pull you. Rip you open.
I will show you what it means to be my devotee
I will break you and remake you,
Over and over…
And you will love me…
And when I’m not with you…
Remember… Remember…

Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Lover's candlelight on a moonless night
reflecting off skin...a soft glimmering light

Eager eyes... search the darkening skies
for a sign to guide... their innocent lives

Cassiopeia whispers, in their ear...
"make love my darlings and do not fear"

"The Hunter guards you in your bed of grass
let none come close or suffer his wrath"

Lyra strums a seducing tune
as two young lovers begin to swoon

Swan showers the ground with downy feathers
a silken pillow... as they lie together

Centaur croons... in a baritone voice
setting the mood and making Andromeda rejoice

Soon their passion becomes a blazing sun
only Phoenix and Draco, are not overrun

They lie together... bodies aglow
lighting the heavens... with their lustful show

In the background...Virgo sheds a sorrowful tear
they have crossed a boundary...she holds so dear

Monday, September 3, 2012

Chances (lyrics)

Chances are...
you never saw me coming into your life
always considering yourself Prince Charming's wife

fancy home and expensive cars
a yacht on the river to watch the stars
life full of glamour, expense, and entertainment
jet setting among the rich... and famous
traveling around the world in your personal plane
bumping elbows with senators, movers and fame

Chances are.. 
you never saw me coming into your life
my life was tumbling and so full of strife

the day we met...all you saw was big, dumb, and mean
a gentleman nowhere to be seen 
brows in a furrow and deep in thought
loud and bossy, chasing people around
you hid behind others in a bit of a fright
hoping not to be noticed...keeping out of sight

Chances are...
you never saw me coming into your life
now we sneak peeks at each other from time to time

we talk to each other every single day
you listen to my stories and I hear what you say...
our friendship growing stronger with every date
one day whether by chance or by fate
we turn and our eyes locked in the moment
lips softly meeting without knowing

Chances are...
you never saw me coming into your life

Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Fall

I hear the sound of a train roaring 
as if it were rushing by on a cold winter night
wind driving my hair back... pulling the skin of my face taut
how can wind be so deafening

My body feels empty... and weightless...
is this how a leaf feels riding on a storm's path
yet...i feel the pull... in the core of my being
dragging me, as a child drags a struggling puppy

My mind struggles to make sense of where I am
time is irrelevant and out of place
I know not whether a minute has passed...
or, if I have played every scene of my life over and over

to keep my eyes closed... is to know peace
so I open my eyes...
Mother Earth lies before me, calling on her child
and...I rush to her in open arms praying for comfort

I'm falling....and the beauty I view... blinds me
I fear...and yet, my heart brims in happiness
my mind freezes in time
I'm falling

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wolf Moon

High upon the forested mountain
covered in winter's white down blanket
her onyx-colored eyes scan the horizon...protector and guardian
watching her children play in their winter playground

She watches as the full moon slowly glides over the distant peaks
signifying the goddess' presence and  the start of a new season
the children of the forest quietly begin to gather
bearing gifts to the one that nurtures and guides those under her care

ancient fey dressed in their splendid garments of deepest violet
carrying swords of birch and crowns of thistle
scatter petals of crocus and snowdrops at her feet
presenting her with nuts and cones for nourishment

multitudes of glittering eyes patiently watch from the forest around her
waiting for her signal to begin their trek through the night
leading them to their new home... where life's cycle will begin anew
a cycle... started before memory and continuing after she is long gone

she feels the ancient calling welling deep within her chest 
breathing deeply... barely noticing the biting cold mountain air
she readies herself to loose the calling as ancient as time itself
a signal to all that the time has come to move on and start a new journey

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Hidden Smiles

One of the greatest treasures in life
is when you find hidden smiles

these are the unexpected smiles that come from the heart
in the most unexpected places and times

they are as fleeting as a morning dream
often only caught from the corner of your eye

you've seen it...

on the young couple... where love is fresh and blooming
lighting the world in new color and sensations

on the older couple... who catches a glimpse of the other 
knowing they share a secret from the rest of the world

on the child... who walking with her father hand-in-hand
sees a magical unicorn hiding behind a bush

on that person... standing next to you waiting for the metro or bus
who gets lost daydreaming of their someone special

you've seen it on yourself... when you catch that smile on another
and it makes you realize you've seen happiness in perfect form

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


The celestial heavens have never seen such fury...
the night skies ripped open in a scream of agony
casting hail and fire upon the fields of mankind
burning flames, the colors of blood... and amber

the once tranquil oceans... roil in agonizing pain
massive waves... the likes never seen, churning... to and fro
crashing upon the rocky shores like a hammer upon glass
mercilessly casting its children  upon the up-heaving land

the earth ripped asunder like a plaything in a giant's hands
geysers spewing not water, but the burning blood of the earth
mountains exploding... sending rock and fire into the night sky
a perverted light show... heralding... death and destruction

yet none can truly capture the wrath of a lover's scorn
love given... only to be thrust into the depths of betrayal
trust broken... and impaled upon the jagged edges of  duplicity
a sense of despair that replaces any hope of continuing existence

an Apocalypse of mind, heart, and soul

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas memories

One of my most memorable Christmas' days
took place in Southern Germany
I was with my best friend and the woman I loved
we were walking along a snow-dusted cobblestone road
between small kiosks all covered in winter snow
the light and fluffy kind that slowly falls over hours
the air was crisp, and tingled the skin in a refreshing way
everywhere you looked were the signs of the season
wreaths with flowers and cones, candles lit in place of normal lights
holly and mistletoe hanging from store shops and lamp posts
we sipped on warm gluhwein and ate little pastries
the air smelled of fresh cooking, roasted chickens and fresh bread
the shops had little trinkets and wooden toys
we talked and shopped for hours, til late into the night
the day lasted forever, and yet still ended way too soon
though many years have passed 
this has always been one of my treasured 
Christmas memories

What is yours?

Friday, December 23, 2011

Life's lessons

When I was young... I loved the world
people were good and were my teachers
friends were the best and always by my side
family was a constant and had all the answers...
best of all... I fell in love

falling in love... made me grow up
no longer did I live a selfish life
all that I did was for the one I loved
nothing made me more fulfilled than making her happy...
unexpected thing to happen...she broke my heart

a broken heart...makes you old and bitter
lost love doesn't make you sad and depressed
it makes you hate... everyone and everything
love songs and memories reminds you of what you lost...
worst thing to happen...I went numb

going numb...made me lonely and desperate
empathy is replaced with sadism
but hatred fills the void with some kind of emotion
hurt the world more than it hurts you and you win...
last thing I expected to happen...I became a little wiser

being wiser...made me sad, but opened my eyes
sometimes love is not eternal...nor shared
fairy tales do not come true and it okay to cry
we live our lives one day at a time 
next thing to happen....I... I just don't know

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Away From Home

I would like to remind all my readers and followers....all three of you, lol....please don't forget our loved ones who are overseas and cannot be with their families this time of year.  Whether it is because they are serving their countries, on sabbatical, or because their jobs have taken them away from home, we want them to remember that we are thinking of them and they will always have a place in our hearts.  I personally have a close friend who is in Europe on business and she will not be with her family this year... :( 
but, hopefully she will know that we all are thinking of her and this time next year she will be with loved ones to celebrate Christmas with them.  Hopefully, Santa will be extra nice to her and leave her a special gift :)

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Love as thou wilt

I love this line, it's from the Kushiel series by Jacqueline Carey.  This series deals with a people who are the offshoots of angels and humans.  Deities are worshiped and respect exist among the celestial pantheons to include Christianity.  Where love is considered divine in all of its aspects, including sex and desire.  It is set in early Europe, with a slight twist to geography and historical account; however, with a little imagination it is not difficult to discern the actual places and time.  The story is rich in philosophy, court intrigue, magic, politics, and desire. The heroine, Phedre, is a sexual masochist, but don't let that through you off, as that is only the least of her many attributes.  Fair warning this book is not for the judgmental sort, but if you do read it be prepared to be sucked right in for the ride.  I highly recommend.  Click on the following link to go to Jacqueline's home page and read the first chapter of any of her books from Kushiel Legacy.

Serendipitous Destiny

What I truly find amazing is how life seems to be so chaotic in the here and now, and yet... when one reflects back there is the appearance that everything was meant to be. I've always believed in fate, but not in the predetermined...I can read your future and know what you are going to be eating for breakfast next Thursday, kind of way.   I believe that everyone has an ending destiny, but how we get there, if we get there is based on the decisions we make along the way.  What really throws a wrench in the works is when you have to decide whether that choice you made was truly free will or a predestined decision....hahahaha give an example of what I am trying to understand about serendipitous destiny is the concept of friendship.  We make friends with people we normally want to hang out with, they are the people we share common goals and beliefs.  We join a team because we enjoy a specific sport and it is a given that our teammates are going to share the same love for that sport...or we join the military because we have the same sense of patriotism as our buddies in the battle field...

What about those friendships that we make where there is no common ground?  We get put on a mandatory project or class and we meet one or several individuals who we have nothing whatsoever in common with and yet we build a friendship that outshines any other friendship that we have ever had before.  Is that a friendship that was destined to be...or one of coincidence???  If you had never made the choice to attend that project or class, then more than likely you would never have met that person and never created an everlasting friendship.  On top of that, how in the world can you have a friendship with a person who does not have the same likes and dislikes as you do...a person that unless you had not been thrust upon each other would never have even exchanged words passing each other on the street. 

So was it luck you met the person or was it destined to happen???